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Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Little Deeper

And it continues, the journey, the calling to something more, something deeper...and I cringe at the thought of more TRUTH revealed...truth about things I am and have been and regret and detest and I read:

"Long, I am woman who speaks but one language,
the language of the fall--discontentment and self-condemnation,
 the critical eye and the never satisfied" 
      ~Ann Voskamp

and the truth of those words hangs in my mind, my heart, searing who I want to be and revealing who I really am.  And I think on it and resist naming it because when you give it a name, it becomes real and then it must be dealt with.  No longer acceptable to sweep it under the rug or turn a blind eye, because you are no longer blind to the truth. Until it is confronted there will be no will hang there, waiting, taunting, begging for attention, action of some sort.


sears into the heart, reveals things long hidden, pushed down hopefully to be pushed out but it's always there...waiting


That's what I have asked for, healing.  That's the road I want to take, the trudging through the mud and muck to get to the cool green grass that's waiting on the other side of hurt, the trudging through thoughts of regret, things undone and realizing that attitudes are caught..hard laborious marching on to the next revelation of truth knowing that truth brings with it hope...hope of change, hope of what can only be accomplished when we are honest~

honest about who we really are
 and what we see when we are confronted with the TRUTH.

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