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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Healing a little more

Healing is a slow process...takes time.  The deeper the wound the more time it takes to get all the poison out.  Sometimes wounds have to be debrieded.  The doctor unbandages the wound exposing the infected area, cleans out all the infection and then puts in medicine, rebandages and hopes it will heal, a little more.  Sometimes the individual must go through pain as this process is occuring, and the patient most often in the case of a severe wound, will have to irrigate the wound daily, washing away infection and then apply more medicine to promote healing, rebandaging and then going to yet another appointment where the doctor examines the progress and gives more directions.

So it is with the great physician and our heart wounds.  They must be opened up, irrigated, scraped clean of the poison of lies or half-truths, then healing truth can be applied and the hurt is bandaged up again until the next appointed time our Father calls us to allow him to do His work.  This is such a seemingly unpleasant task but oh so necessary in order for us to be all He intends for us to be, to be a vessel clean and empty and whole for His use.

As I read Psalm 103 I was reminded in verse 3 "who heals all your diseases"...He desires to do so...will we let him do his "doctoring" on our wounded hearts??  So often I don't want to "go there" so to speak.  The truth of what lies hidden underneath the surface of what is seen is often painful to deal with and ugly and makes me just wanna keep it all covered up and not allow anyone to look there, not even God (like we can hide what's there from Him)!  And then to allow the Spirit to guide my mind into those hidden places and prod and scrape and uncover more and on and on it goes, this process orchestrated by the Great Physician. Without this process, my wounds will never be healed.  Prayerfully I keep in mind this is necessary business and I must make my appointment with the Great Physician and trust He works all things for my good!!

So blessed in reading Psalm 103 and memorizing those words so when it is time my mind will drift to the truth of how it is to be that I will be wholly free and complete in Him!

and Grace flows down...

Monday, July 11, 2011

He Speaks...

What grace is mine that He who dwells in endless light
Called through the night to find my distant soul
And from His scars poured mercy that would plead for me
That I might live and in His Name be known

So I will go wherever He is calling me
I'll lose my life to find my life in Him
I give my all to gain the hope that never dies
I bow my heart take up my cross and follow Him

What grace is mine to know His breath alive in me
Beneath His wings my wakened soul may soar
All fear can flee for death's dark night is overcome
My savior lives and reigns forevermore

So I will go wheerever He is calling me
I'll lose my life to find my life in Him
I give my all to gain the hope that never dies
I bow my heart take up my cross and follow Him

I bow my heart, take up my cross and follow Him

With tears streaming I worshipped My Savior, turning up the volume so I could hear it louder~this song randomly (not a chance) playing for my heart to savor the Truth it held.  Music continues to be such a vital part of healing for my heart/soul.  I will NEVER forget the very first CD I purchased when God grabbed my heart and began to squeeze and tug and crush...I had no idea what to buy, I just knew that music was a powerful tool to change the pattern of my thoughts.  I popped that CD into the player on the van I was then driving and began to revel in the truth that poured from those speakers right into the depths of my broken heart!  My Father knew exactly what I needed to hear from Him and He spoke it right then and there and began a long process of tranforming my thoughts and heart to know the Truth of Who He IS and how He loves, even me. 

This song, sun by Kristen Getty this morning spoke the very truth I needed to hear...follow me, bow your heart, go anywhere, do not fear...on and on and on the truth rings.  Do you hear it?  Does the Truth of who Jesus Christ is fall on your broken heart?  Sometimes we must be intentional about what is on our radio station or in our CD player...God doesn't always just "cause you to hear" whatever, you name it...maybe based on your own knowledge and information, I don't know...He's in charge of that.  But for ME, a little girl who grew up in church knowing music and loving to sing, I knew and God prompted and I went to the Christian book store with the intent of purchasing something that would lead me to another place, a place I had no idea how to find, a place of comfort and truth and refuge from the life I was living that brought me nothing but disappointment and pain.  And by God's grace and for His glory and because He loved me for His name's sake...HE CAME THROUGH FOR ME!!  Like He always does.  I am so grateful and thankful that His love is not like mine, that He loves with an EVERLASTING, NEVER CHANGING Love that I cannot even fathom...and He lavishes it on me, the least of the least, as Paul says, the chief of wonder we sing AMAZING is just that Unfathomable!!
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