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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Grace Treasures

I've decided every once in a while I'm going to share some of the graces God gives to this poor frazzled pilgrim daughter.  WHY he does this I have no idea, I'm just glad He cares for me and understands who and what I am.

We have care groups at our church where we do just that, "care" for each other in times of need.  Take food to a new little momma and papa or help families pack up their belongings when a move is necessary.  Recently I was called upon to participate by taking a meal to a family who had lost a loved one unexpectedly.  They had traveled out-of-town for the funeral and I was to have a meal at their home upon their return, approximately 5:00 pm.

In my customary style I was "running late"..not my usual 10 minutes late but really late, like going to be 45 minutes late!!  To say I was rushing wouldn't cover it...I was flying through my kitchen like a wild thing grabbing, measuring, pouring, trying to get my brownie dessert into the oven so I would be ONLY 45 minutes late.

I decided to call and make sure the poor starving family was home and let them know I would not make the 5:00pm deadline. Upon speaking with the Momma of this sweet family, I was informed that they had spent some extra time visiting with their out-of-town relatives and their GPS was giving them an ETA of 7:30, allowing me an extra two hour span in which to get my dessert completely cooked, cooled, cut and packed up with the other food goodies and delivered well before they returned home.   To say I was thrilled to hear this news is a definite understatement!

Wow, even when I didn't have it all together, my Father did.  He knew just what I needed and he supplied a precious grace treasure of a little more time to get everything fully prepared and delivered.  He knows me so well, and he cares that I struggle with time management.  He loves me just as I am and gives me what I need and helps me grow by giving me desires and ideas so I can learn how to be a better planner.

That little block of time was just the encouragement I needed!  It was His way of showing me love!
What kind of Grace Treasures have you experienced this week?  Leave a comment, I'd love you to share!

by grace alone,

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Love, Love & More Love

So this week, as you know, was Valentine's Day.  When my girls were growing up, we loved any excuse for making home-made cards, baking cute cookies and giving gifts so Valentine's Day was right up there with Christmas and Birthday celebrations!  Now that my daughters are grown with lives of their own, things haven't really changed that much. We still give little gifties and send cards to demonstrate our love to one another (even if at times, it doesn't get delivered exactly ON V-day).

This little jar of yummies was delivered to my office on Monday by one of our regular customers. What a way to start out a Valentiney week!

And I received this flower early on Tuesday morning from the older's fam and Little E!!  It made it's home on the corner of my desk all week! Flowers are just cheery all the way around!  Love, love posies!

Even though MY Valentine is far, far away in Florida, I still had a lovely dinner date with my favorite little darling!

And while Aunt B was home she made some of these tasty treats for some of her friends:

As you can see I sampled a little bite!

And, of course, no Valentine's Day is complete without making some really cool Valentines to send to, well, to whoever is on your list of recipients!

All in all I felt very "loved" this week with all our family traditions and little gifties exchanged! 

We love Him BECAUSE He first loved us!!

What is the difference?  Why do some families make intentional plans to show the people they love how they feel about them?  Why the need to express to others that they hold a special place in your heart, that you think about them, and care about what goes on in their lives?  That you want to"know" them?

We love Him because he first LOVED us!!

There are many people out there, in the world around us, who have no one to express to them that they are thought about and loved.  During this week of cards and kisses there are those who go without one Valentine, one person to express to them that they are thought of or cared about.

We love Him because he first loved US!!

 This week I happened upon (I don't really believe in such a thing) some words that were written from the heart of one friend to another, a consoling, encouragement for that one who doesn't have a hubby to share Valentine's day and express to her how special she is.  This is what I read:

Tonight of all nights, don't you dare forget how loved you are.
Don't you dare scroll through the mini-feed, looking at patched-together pictures from couples struggling to keep on giving in a world that rolls downhill to taking, and feel like you are the only lonely one.

Don't you forget that people rarely post their emptiness. They rarely post their fears and their doubts. They rarely post their fatigue. Sometimes they post trying to prove love to themselves as much as to the world.

So when you see that stuff, don't let it fool you.

Don't you dare forget that you are beautiful.

Don't you dare forget that you are funny, and tender, and smart, and how you bring life into the dark places of the world.

Don't you dare forget how you make me laugh, and how my life would be less without you in it.

I need you. I love you. I'm not the only one who does.

Tonight a lie will slither and bite, whispering that being single makes you somehow less desirable. When that happens, step on its head and crush it. Nothing could be further from the truth.

You are blindingly appealing. You are a vessel of light and love. How I love you for it.

Don't you forget that you are seen, and known, and wanted. And don't you forget that all of those hurts that you keep pushing down inside, that resound today like some sort of cruel clock striking, are held tenderly in the heart of the One who made you.

He will never stop chasing you. He has been writing a singular romance with your name on the envelope since time began. May you fall asleep tonight hearing that love whispered softly over your pillow.

Thanks to my sweet friend Gina for allowing me to steal from her Facebook!  Oh, to be a woman who could give such a wonderful gift of encouragement--to strengthen, and build up a friend who might be failing to see the real TRUTH.  This life is and we have an enemy who whispers lies in the darkness of our loneliness with intentions to kill and destroy!!

There is ONE who thinks of us, even though we may not think of Him. And He speaks to us through His Word:

How precious also are thy thoughts unto me, O God! 
how great is the sum of them!
If I should count them, they are more in number 
than the sand
 Psalm 139

By grace alone,

Friday, February 10, 2012

Insta-Friday Pilot Episode

life rearranged

My daughters who blog here and here do all kinds of fun things on their blogs

and I'm NOT going to be out done in this here goes nothing!!

This is the view from my desk at work.  This cool van was parked across the street
and the special thing about this vehicle in particular is that my brother
used to work for Simplex in memory of his very short stint of employment
there I took this picture.  He was just a baby then!

I LOVE target and was thrilled to find this little gem in my mail box.
A gift from my hubby in celebration of our 27 year anniversary...that was Wednesday!

I made two of these this week, and gave one each to my daughters to help
with their Valentine decorating.  I found the idea on pinterest, and I'd love to share
the link where I first got the idea, BUT I can't find it anywhere.
What can I say...

This cup represents one of my FAVORITE things---tuxedo mocha from a little 
book store/coffee shop down the street from my office.  Normally I don't buy coffee
because I have connections to Starbucks but, Thursday I decided to splurge!
I sat, on a church pew no less, with my coffee and enjoyed some
lively phone conversation with my daughters.   
The atmosphere is wonderful there with a large fish tank filled with interesting 
and colorful fish.  I wanted to snap a picture but
didn't want to interrupt the boy at the table right in front of the fish tank 
who was obviously studying or reading or something
equally important that probably shouldn't be interrupted
by some crazed middle aged women who wanted to take a picture of the cool clown fish!

So there we have week at a glance.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Grace Treasures

One thing you should know about me; I like old things.  I live in a house that is old, it has lots of character.  I like antiques, things that hold memories of a bygone days or have a special meaning.  For this reason I didn't have pictures on the walls in my house for a looong time.  Whatever was going to hang there staring at me, had to mean something, even if no one else got it, I had to.

So it goes with most of my purchases.  When I am searching for just the right thing and I find it, it's like finding a treasure.  I've looked and looked at all different kinds of ________ (fill in the blank) and I find the absolute perfect fit, the "just right" for my need.

I've been looking for a ring for quite some time.  I knew I wanted a silver ring with a stone, preferably blueish in color and an emerald cut (square).  I had looked at several regular stores (i.e. Kohl's and Goody's) over the past few months, trying to find "my perfect ring".  Each time I would leave wondering if I would ever find the one, you know, the "just right" perfect fit.  The one that gives you the feeling when you find it that it was there all along, awaiting you, like a forever friend.

And then, unexpectedly, it happened!!

I walk into one of my favorite little shops around the corner from my office, really just to browse
and there among the other rings was my "just right".

Not quite the color I was dreaming of
but lovely in its own way

So happy with the way it looks
just perfect!! :o)

And the best part about this purchase was it COST ME NOTHING.  If I had found my "just right"
at another store, I would have had to pay for it.  You see, I had consigned a few
little bobbles at this shop and so actually this treasure was

 ~makes my heart happy every time!!

This ring is a wonderful example of how the lover of my soul orchestrates
the every day dealings of my life to demonstrate his care and love
in the little things, things that might not mean anything
to you, but speak volumes to my heart!!

Today, it's a jewelry trinket he graces me with!

Tomorrow it might be a scripture treasure I can tuck deep into my heart~
one that whispers truth that will strengthen and encourage
one that will speak to me of his Love and Faithfulness!!

I hope this post will encourage you to look at the every day little
grace treasures you experience and know they come from the
hand of one who Loves you with an everlasting love!!


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