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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Introducing My Friends (notice it's plural)

wow, it's been a VERY LONG TIME since I posted anything here.  two months.  that's downright unacceptable. as i contemplate the reason(s) for this lack of diligence on my part, a miriad of things have crowded in and crowded out my blogging.  maybe just good 'ole procrastination, or lack of time or lack of meaningful things to say...not this girl, not really, not ever.  i'm a talker from way back and can ALWAYS find something interesting and meaningful (if only in my mind) to flap my jaws about.  maybe it's the incessant  barking of a certain dog, who shall remain nameless, that has interrupted my concentration, like just now!!

where was i, oh, WHY i haven't been keeping this up.  well since april 12th, we've experienced two birthdays, a college graduation, the death of a significant family member, two different trips to florida, a move for the firstborn daughter and this weekend a move for the the baby daughter.  whew, i'm tired just thinking about it.

as i re-read the post from april about friendship, my thoughts went to the events of today.  i had lunch with one long-time friend, an unexpected visit from another long-time friend and then dinner with a rather new friend whom i hope will end up becoming a fast friend.  

the two "long time" friends share the not only the same name but also married men with the same name (how weird).  These two Debbies (blonde haired D and dark haired D) are my sister/friends and our lives have been intertwined in varying degrees for the last 25 years.  we've watched our children grow up, go off and get married and have babies (well Deb S is still waiting, but soon), enjoyed beach trips (just moms and kids), moved houses, built houses, lost husbands, married again, talked and laughed
and shared and cried and just done life together.

 although there have been periods of time when we have only
been in contact with one another sporatically, we still remain friends.

there is a loyalty and understanding even when communication is not constant or consistent that we are "there".  we don't have to talk or e-mail and no one feels slighted if we don't.  when we get "back together" as one D put it, we take up right where we left off and
 it's better than ever.

my love for these ladies has lasted and grown over the past years.  i am very thankful and blessed to have these women in my life.  they've been to me what i desired as a young women and thought 
i didn't have.  in all actuality, i was unknowingly
cultivating two friendships that would last not only through
the ups and downs of my life here on this earth, but throughout eternity.

i not only have one best friend, i have two women
with the same first name who have shared
a treasured spot in my heart for over one-half of my adult life!

they are gifts of God's grace to me!
women of integrity, courage and a desire to live
life in a way that demonstrates the power of 
God's grace in their lives on a daily basis. 

here's to another 25 years!  at that time we can join the
red hat society and get together for tea parties or 
whatever those ladies do when they don those red hats.
p.s. i want a red hat with a feather ; )

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