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Saturday, August 24, 2013

A Thankful Heart

It's Saturday morning and as I begin my day, I find this in my Facebook news feed.  I was (confession) beginning my day with Facebook, looking for this actually because I so easily forget and need to be reminded about WHO my Father is and Who I am in him.  But, per usual, there was a different plan for what I would see as I scrolled.  And it was PERFECT.  

As I read about what a mother does, I had several different thoughts, but most of them were thankfulness kinds of thoughts, and to tell you the truth, I struggle with my first thoughts being negative not positive, thankful thoughts.  As this is being revealed, I struggle to admit it to myself (although others most likely see/hear it anyway) because, let's be honest, who wants to come to the realization that they are "negative"...that's just not acceptable!  We're supposed to be positive and encouraging and uplifting and thankful all the time. Right?  Well, I'm a sinner, in case we've forgotten this about ourselves (I'm not alone here, right?) And the Spirit of Truth is working to reconcile and redeem every little thing about who we are so we can more fully reflect the heart of our Father.

As I scrolled through the article and pictures, my first thoughts were of my sweet Little E and how her momma comes for her and will, as time moves ever forward, continue to do so.  And then, how thankful I am for God's grace in providing the example of my own mother, who has done that with her children over the past 50 years. 

But the thing that stuck out most in my mind as I read wasn't about my daughters or my mother as much as it was about my Father, the one who is always there, no matter what I need.  Because he has no human limitations, He can be is whatever I need.  He is I he was to Moses, he is to me!! 

AND then, thoughts of God's intended purpose when he created women to reflect the glory of himself as a nurturer, a lover, a care giver, a mother.  I have been reminded lately that woman was the crowning glory of creation, not an after thought.  She was needful to help express fully the heart of God.  So often we think of God as a MAN (or at least I have), and come to the conclusion that men are superior and women are lower some how.  We hear teaching and misunderstand how God created Adam and Eve to bear his image as the full picture of ALL that God is.  One is not superior to the other, both are needed for a full reflection of God's glory to be seen in this earth.  Men as warrior, protector, provider (which God is all those) and women as, tender, loving, compassionate, nurturers (which God is all these as well). 

So, it is with a thankful heart I begin a long to-do list for this Saturday morning!!  Praising the One who does a "perfect" job at revealing just what our hearts need to see every.single.time (even when we don't perceive it, it is for our good)!!

Blessings on YOUR weekend!!

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