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Monday, July 2, 2012

Perspective ~ Is Your Glass Half Full or Half Empty?

Well, my baby girl was right, her big sister beat me to it!!  My "life lover" so enjoys sharing her life she frequently shares some of mine too.  Which is a great way to expand our following of readers so I'm totally on board with the ever so frequent story sharing.  That was exactly the case with her most recent blog post regarding our exciting weekend of falling trees, power outages and unexpected welcomed house guests. 

During all of these unexpected yet sovereignly ordained occurrences I was reminded over and over again how very blessed I am to have a Father who appoints storms and struggles and then gives grace as we walk through them with Him.  Blessings and grace surrounded me and my family during every minute of these outrageous happenings.  

I was NOT at home when this tornado (or whatever they're trying to call it now) occurred.
I was enjoying a wonderful dinner at a local restaurant and didn't have to experience the noise and drama first-hand or alone.  Very kind of my Father, he knows me so well.

I received information from my neighbor that a mere six inches to the left and my brand new car would have suffered severe damage from our basketball goal falling right on her.  She is still wearing her lovely temporary tag, still just a baby.  She is such a grace treasure provided just for me and I was actually more worried about her than the tree falling on the house!!  (I know, I'm a little cray-cray)

I HAVE ELECTRICITY!!  Not kidding, of the estimated 500,000 individuals in our
surrounding area who are dealing with power outages I. Have. Electricity!!. 
My daughters and son-in-law can duly attest that even WITH air conditioning,
I am frequently stating the fact (that's what I call complaining) that I am hot.
and considering the over 100 degree temperatures we've been having~
OH MY, again, what a kindness, He knew it would be too much for me!

I've been able to "mother" my children and some of my adopted sons this entire weekend, 
because none of them have electricity and I do!!  What a wonderful time I've
had just being in the house with them, having people there to interrupt my
rather lonely quiet empty-nest environment.

My scheduled trip to deliver a very important and much needed bed to my youngest
 did not have to be postponed because of the weather.  It actually went rather swimmingly!!
  I experienced absolutely no trouble obtaining gasoline.  This may not seem overly significant,
but apparently there was a run on the gasoline stations!  I've never seen anything
like it, EVER...the lines were 20-30 cars long and almost every station in our area
ran out of gas and closed at some point during the weekend.
When I got to the town where she has rented an apartment for the summer,
 it didn't even seem they had had a storm at all, business as usual.

I enjoyed a lovely lunch with she and her roommate at
a restaurant they talk about all the time that I had never been to before
(one thing I love, visiting new restaurants - i like to eat, what can I say).

I'm sure for many of the folks in my little town the memories from the past several days are not filled with positive uplifting and praise worthy happenings, but then again, maybe they are.

"Two women stood behind iron bars
One saw mud, the other saw stars"

Maybe it's all about perspective!

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