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Friday, February 10, 2012

Insta-Friday Pilot Episode

life rearranged

My daughters who blog here and here do all kinds of fun things on their blogs

and I'm NOT going to be out done in this here goes nothing!!

This is the view from my desk at work.  This cool van was parked across the street
and the special thing about this vehicle in particular is that my brother
used to work for Simplex in memory of his very short stint of employment
there I took this picture.  He was just a baby then!

I LOVE target and was thrilled to find this little gem in my mail box.
A gift from my hubby in celebration of our 27 year anniversary...that was Wednesday!

I made two of these this week, and gave one each to my daughters to help
with their Valentine decorating.  I found the idea on pinterest, and I'd love to share
the link where I first got the idea, BUT I can't find it anywhere.
What can I say...

This cup represents one of my FAVORITE things---tuxedo mocha from a little 
book store/coffee shop down the street from my office.  Normally I don't buy coffee
because I have connections to Starbucks but, Thursday I decided to splurge!
I sat, on a church pew no less, with my coffee and enjoyed some
lively phone conversation with my daughters.   
The atmosphere is wonderful there with a large fish tank filled with interesting 
and colorful fish.  I wanted to snap a picture but
didn't want to interrupt the boy at the table right in front of the fish tank 
who was obviously studying or reading or something
equally important that probably shouldn't be interrupted
by some crazed middle aged women who wanted to take a picture of the cool clown fish!

So there we have week at a glance.


  1. Great job on the link up. :) I too love Target! Happy Anniversary! Love the valentine's banner's you made.

  2. I love that LOVE card! So cute! :)


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