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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Grace Treasures

One thing you should know about me; I like old things.  I live in a house that is old, it has lots of character.  I like antiques, things that hold memories of a bygone days or have a special meaning.  For this reason I didn't have pictures on the walls in my house for a looong time.  Whatever was going to hang there staring at me, had to mean something, even if no one else got it, I had to.

So it goes with most of my purchases.  When I am searching for just the right thing and I find it, it's like finding a treasure.  I've looked and looked at all different kinds of ________ (fill in the blank) and I find the absolute perfect fit, the "just right" for my need.

I've been looking for a ring for quite some time.  I knew I wanted a silver ring with a stone, preferably blueish in color and an emerald cut (square).  I had looked at several regular stores (i.e. Kohl's and Goody's) over the past few months, trying to find "my perfect ring".  Each time I would leave wondering if I would ever find the one, you know, the "just right" perfect fit.  The one that gives you the feeling when you find it that it was there all along, awaiting you, like a forever friend.

And then, unexpectedly, it happened!!

I walk into one of my favorite little shops around the corner from my office, really just to browse
and there among the other rings was my "just right".

Not quite the color I was dreaming of
but lovely in its own way

So happy with the way it looks
just perfect!! :o)

And the best part about this purchase was it COST ME NOTHING.  If I had found my "just right"
at another store, I would have had to pay for it.  You see, I had consigned a few
little bobbles at this shop and so actually this treasure was

 ~makes my heart happy every time!!

This ring is a wonderful example of how the lover of my soul orchestrates
the every day dealings of my life to demonstrate his care and love
in the little things, things that might not mean anything
to you, but speak volumes to my heart!!

Today, it's a jewelry trinket he graces me with!

Tomorrow it might be a scripture treasure I can tuck deep into my heart~
one that whispers truth that will strengthen and encourage
one that will speak to me of his Love and Faithfulness!!

I hope this post will encourage you to look at the every day little
grace treasures you experience and know they come from the
hand of one who Loves you with an everlasting love!!


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