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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Grace Treasures

I've decided every once in a while I'm going to share some of the graces God gives to this poor frazzled pilgrim daughter.  WHY he does this I have no idea, I'm just glad He cares for me and understands who and what I am.

We have care groups at our church where we do just that, "care" for each other in times of need.  Take food to a new little momma and papa or help families pack up their belongings when a move is necessary.  Recently I was called upon to participate by taking a meal to a family who had lost a loved one unexpectedly.  They had traveled out-of-town for the funeral and I was to have a meal at their home upon their return, approximately 5:00 pm.

In my customary style I was "running late"..not my usual 10 minutes late but really late, like going to be 45 minutes late!!  To say I was rushing wouldn't cover it...I was flying through my kitchen like a wild thing grabbing, measuring, pouring, trying to get my brownie dessert into the oven so I would be ONLY 45 minutes late.

I decided to call and make sure the poor starving family was home and let them know I would not make the 5:00pm deadline. Upon speaking with the Momma of this sweet family, I was informed that they had spent some extra time visiting with their out-of-town relatives and their GPS was giving them an ETA of 7:30, allowing me an extra two hour span in which to get my dessert completely cooked, cooled, cut and packed up with the other food goodies and delivered well before they returned home.   To say I was thrilled to hear this news is a definite understatement!

Wow, even when I didn't have it all together, my Father did.  He knew just what I needed and he supplied a precious grace treasure of a little more time to get everything fully prepared and delivered.  He knows me so well, and he cares that I struggle with time management.  He loves me just as I am and gives me what I need and helps me grow by giving me desires and ideas so I can learn how to be a better planner.

That little block of time was just the encouragement I needed!  It was His way of showing me love!
What kind of Grace Treasures have you experienced this week?  Leave a comment, I'd love you to share!

by grace alone,


  1. So many ways HE provides for us. Today he went with us to the hearing aid place to order new "ears." HE had already been there, and the price was lower than we had anticipated (allowing us to feel much better about helping someone with another need). Isn't He wonderful!
    So humbling!

  2. Lisa,
    this is good -- sharing the way God is involved in the moments of our lives is great encouragement.
    I also have a blogspot but haven't written on it for a long time. Maybe I'll get back at it again.
    Hope you've been having a wonderful birthday!

  3. Love it! Especially since I am someone who is often running quite late. :) This week I was so thankful to end up getting more time on a project at work that I was worried about getting done. And the thing that ended up helping me was an e-mail that did not go through for some reason. I still don't know WHAT happened to that e-mail, but I just thanked the Lord for an extra week of time. :)

    Thanks so much for your sweet comment at my blog. You are always more than welcome to anything you find at my place. I LOVE the AM/FM analogy from Renee's book. Such an encouraging reminder!



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